Custom Lens Implants at Whitsett Vision Group

At Whitsett Vision Group, we are proud to present our patients with a variety of lens options when it comes to their cataract surgery. Lens implant technology has advanced dramatically, and with recent FDA approvals of these advanced intraocular lenses, or IOLs, there are now several lens implant options that can help patients achieve their visual goals. The experienced surgeons at Whitsett Vision Group have done extensive research on the IOLs available to you, and performed thousands of custom lens implant procedures, making them the best choice for your cataract procedure. Our doctors and staff will perform advanced testing and assess your particular visual goals to determine which custom lens options would be best for your needs and lifestyle.


Custom Lens Implant Options

At Whitsett Vision Group, we strive to offer the most advanced technology lenses that provide the best opportunities to become independent from glasses.  The cataract surgeons at Whitsett Vision Group are highly experienced at implanting all these advanced technology lenses. Our doctors and staff will perform diagnostic testing, and discuss your lifestyle and visual goals to help determine which of these lenses and surgical techniques may be best for you.

Multifocal lenses are designed to help patients achieve excellent vision up close, as well as in the distance, reducing or potentially eliminating their dependence on glasses after surgery. Multifocal IOLs typically have concentric rings etched into their surface, allowing images at multiple distances to focus on the retina. We offer several different Multifocal lenses, including the Tecnis Synergy IOL, PanOptix Trifocal IOL, the Symfony Multifocal IOL, and the TECNIS Multifocal IOL.

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Cataract patients with significant astigmatism may benefit from having a toric lens implant. Toric IOLs are designed to correct astigmatism, along with nearsightedness or farsightedness. These lenses, thanks to their unique design, help counterbalance corneal irregularities that cause astigmatism. This allows light to focus properly on the retina, correcting the patients astigmatism and distance vision. We offer several different toric lens implants, including the PanOptix Toric IOL, and the Symfony Toric IOL.

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A conventional IOL is a monofocal lens implant that is designed to correct your vision at a single distance. Monofocal IOLs use aspheric technology to provide excellent contrast sensitivity, and high quality vision in a variety of lighting conditions.

Patients that have cataract surgery with a conventional IOL will likely need to use glasses or contact lenses after surgery to achieve their best vision.

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Which Lens is Right For Me?

Choosing the right lens option is a personal process, and will be different for every patient. Through advanced diagnostic testing, and a complete assessment of your lifestyle and visual goals after surgery, our surgeons and counselors will work with you to determine the best lens options to meet your needs.


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