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October is eye health and safety month, and while this is important all year long, it’s an especially important time to talk about eye safety for yourself and your family with Halloween approaching! While you’re preparing for Halloween, make sure to consider these things to protect your eye health.



Caution with Contact Lenses

Often, people want to use decorative contact lenses as part of their Halloween costume. These contact lenses can cause a striking look, however, contact lenses are a medical device and should be treated as such. If you choose to wear decorative contact lenses this year, make sure you have a prescription from an eye care professional, and purchase them from your eye care professional or a vendor recommended by your eye doctor. If you do not regularly wear contact lenses, but choose to make them a part of your costume, please remember the following tips for good contact lens safety:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching contact lenses
  • Clean your contact lenses thoroughly in contact lens solution prior to applying
  • NEVER sleep in contact lenses: remove them before you go to sleep
  • If you experience any pain or discomfort, remove your contact lenses immediately

Costume shops and beauty stores are not licensed to sell these contact lenses, and they may be made with materials that can be harmful to the eye, such as toxic dyes or chemicals, or other potentially harmful substances.

Masks & Makeup

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Masks are often an integral part of a Halloween costume, and while they can be fun, it’s important to make sure they fit comfortable around the eyes. Avoid costumes or masks with sharp objects that are near the eye, as these could cause an accidental eye injury.

Makeup can also be a very important part of making your Halloween costume as spooky or fabulous as possible, but it’s important to practice proper eye safety when applying makeup for Halloween. When dabbing on that face paint, make sure you’re only using makeup that is FDA approved to use on the face, and don’t put anything too close to the eyes unless it is specifically made for eyes.

Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips

Unless you’re enjoying fright night very early, it’s likely to be dark outside when you’re on the hunt for candy. Make sure you have a flashlight with you so you’re able to see where you’re going, and help avoid sidewalk hazards.

Reflective clothing is a great choice for all of your Halloween adventures, as it makes it easier for drivers to see you and avoid any potential accidents.

Sticks and swords may make fun costume props, avoiding costume props that could poke or injure the eyes is best when you’re out trick or treating. If your costume involves a prop, take a picture with them before you go out, and leave them at home while you’re out and about on Halloween.

Eye Health & Safety All Year Long

Halloween isn’t the only time you should take caution with your eye health and safety. If you’re experiencing any concerning symptoms such as vision loss, double vision, eye pain, or injury, you should see a Houston eye care professional immediately – the eye doctors at Whitsett Vision Group can help.

In addition, it’s very important to see your Houston eye doctor for your annual eye exam, to help detect any potential problems early, and maintain your healthy eyes and vision.

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