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How XEO® works and Understanding the Procedure

XEO® Procedures offered by Dr. Woon

Laser Genesis – The “Hollywood Facial” – This procedure utilizes the YAG laser so it may be performed on all skin types! Laser Genesis is a facial that reduces pores, redness, and fine lines by stimulating collagen formation. The treatment takes about 30-40 minutes and you leave with warmed, slightly reddened skin which clears within a few hours. There are no post procedure restrictions. We recommend a package of 4-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart for the initial treatment, then maintenance 1-2 times per year depending on the individual.

I got to meet the beautiful Elle MacPherson at the Cutera University Clinical Forum as she shared her experience with Laser Genesis!

Titan – For patients needing a service that falls between needing Ultherapy which treats the deeper dermis and SkinPen which treats the superficial skin layers, Titan is for you! Titan works fabulously on loose skin by heating the dermis with infrared light. The loose skin on necks, jowls, and abdomen, for example, are perfect targets for this noninvasive treatment. We recommend at least two treatments spaced 4 weeks apart initially. Results will be seen in 60-90 days after which maintenance therapy may be customized for each patient. Dr Woon loves to use this as a follow up, supplemental treatment after Ultherapy.

Laser hair removal – We offer the ProWave attachment which allows us to cover more area much more quickly. This attachment is limited to fair to medium skin tones. However, there is also a Neodymium YAG laser that allows us to do laser hair removal on all skin types, without risk of hyperpigmentation. However, hair must be brown or black to be treatable.

LimeLight photo facial – This is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment that can reduce pigmented spots from sun damage as well as reduce redness from Rosacea. If your skin is darkly pigmented, you are not a candidate for this procedure. Patients must avoid tanning for 2 weeks before and after the procedure. We recommend treatment at 4 week intervals for 2-4 treatments. For best results, maintenance may be needed once a year.

The Xeo 2D Skin Revitalization Package combines Limelight and Laser Genesis.

Xeo 3D Skin Revitalization combines Titan, Limelight, and Laser Genesis. These procedures can be done all in one session for comprehensive rejuvenation.