“Dr. Cybele Woon has been my eye doctor for many years. She has operated on me twice and on my husband once. Not only is she a brilliant surgeon and diagnostician, she is a wonderful person. She exhibits the compassion and concern we all want when faced with medical challenges. Dr. Woon always gives you the amount of time required for your visit and never gives you the feeling of being hurried. Our eyes are special and she knows that. She is truly concerned about her patients and often follows up with inquiring phone calls at the end of her day.

The office staff at Dr. Woon’s office is totally supportive and provides all of the information you may need. They also makes you feel like you are free to ask for more information and they do all they can to see that you are comfortable and secure before you leave their office.

It’s a great combination.A brilliant doctor and a great support staff. I would recommend Dr. Woon to anyone I hold dear.


“So happy that after many years of wearing contact lenses..37 to be exact…..and 47 years of wearing glasses I finally took the plunge and had IntraLasik surgery on Friday. From the consultation eye exam Dr. Whitsett assured me that since I wore mono vision contacts that I could have mono vision lasik surgery! My main concern is I did not want to wear reading glasses……and I can read better now than I could with contacts and my readers!
Dr. Fu was awesome in guiding me step by step during my pre-op appointment of what to expect on Friday. He told me that there was going to be a few seconds when everything would go black. He assured me that I was a excellent candidate for the surgery and to get a good nights sleep.
On Friday morning not only was Dr. Whitsett in the Laser Room, so was Dr. Fu who was telling me exactly what to expect during the procedure before it happened!
And imagine my surprise that Jenna was there too! She was awesome answering all my questions by phone from the initial phone call setting up the initial consultation to the big surgery day!
Thank you Dr. Whitsett, Dr. Fu and Jenna for making my dream of waking up in the morning and being able to see without my glasses or contacts!
This was LIFE CHANGING!!!!


“After a visit to another ophthalmologist who after checking into my needs in cataract surgery, referred me to Dr. Whitsett for providing me with the proper preoperative through operative and post operative care. The care and attention afforded me by the staff and Dr. Whitsett was outstanding. I have been ecstatic about the Toric IOL’s Dr. Whitsett implanted to correct my vision. I did not really know just how poor my vision was. They hit a homerun in my book. Thanks to all there who were involved in my eye care. I will highly recommend Whitsett Vision Group.