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When Should My Child Have Their Eyes Checked?


According to the American Public Health Association, one out of four students (25%) have visual problems that are serious enough to impede learning. Even more frightening is that a majority of these children pass their school vision screenings with “20/20 vision” with little to no difficulty. The public sometimes defines “20/20” vision as “good vision” [...]

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Legal Blindness: Who Qualifies?


Normal vision, or 20/20, means a person sees the smallest letters or pictures on an eye chart when standing 20 feet away from the chart. Some people cannot see normally, even with glasses or contacts, because a medical condition affects their vision. These people are called visually impaired or visually handicapped. If a visual handicap [...]

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What is Pink Eye?


Pink eye, the common name for conjunctivitis, is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva, the outer, normally clear covering of the sclera, the white part of the eye. The eye appears pink in conjunctivitis because the blood vessels are dilated. Pink eye is often accompanied by a discharge, but vision is usually normal, and [...]

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How to Correctly Use Eyedrops


Infections, inflammation, glaucoma, and many other eye disorders are treated with eye drops. Surprisingly, even the small amount of medication in an eye drop can create significant side effects in other parts of the body. It is important to remember that all medicines have side effects. There are ways to decrease the absorption of the [...]

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