Whitsett Vision Group is committed to improving and enriching the quality of life through better vision. This is achieved with both doctor and patient working together to achieve the best possible individual visual outcome. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and provide patients with the tools they need to make sound and informed decisions. Our belief is that time does not stand still. Technology continues to move forward and clinical research allows us to offer the best solutions to our patient’s problems.

Whitsett Vision Group participates in numerous clinical research projects that include cataract surgery, glaucoma, and dry eye disease. Dr. Whitsett has been instrumental in the development of current multifocal implant technology and we continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of surgical lens evolution.

Clinical trials involve research studies performed with human subjects to evaluate and test the effectiveness and safety of new ophthalmic medicines and medical devices or specific procedures and treatments. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires clinical trials to be performed prior to approving any new medications or surgical devices for physicians to prescribe to patients. Patients who agree to participate in clinical trials may receive many important benefits. Subjects willing to participate in clinical trials are able to receive access to new surgical treatments and medications for various medical and ophthalmic conditions before they are available for prescription use, as well as diagnoses and physician care. They also usually receive compensation for their time and for following the instructions given in the protocol. Each clinical trial has a different protocol with diverse exclusion and inclusion criteria to determine which subjects are able to participate in the study.

Clinical research studies at Whitsett Vision Group are open to the public. You can find out which studies Whitsett Vision Group is currently conducting by checking the clinical trials section of our website or calling our office at (713) 365- 9099. You can then schedule an appointment with Shiran Narrow (Ext: 6810) to determine if you may qualify for entry into a study. Whitsett Vision Group takes great pride in the data we obtain from doing research studies and meeting or exceeding enrollment goals, while maintaining quality data with superior standards of care in accordance with the FDA regulations and guidelines and good clinical practices.