Our Katy clinic is located in the Katy Medical Building I [23510 Kingsland Blvd, Suite 200]. Opened in 2013, it replaced the original Katy facility which had been in service since 2008. The state-of-the-art clinic is equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology.

At the Katy clinic, our Board-certified surgeons, Dr. Jeffrey C. Whitsett, Dr. Cybele C. Woon, and Dr. Jesse B. McKey, all evaluate new and current patients for vision correction procedures such as LASIK, cataract surgery, and refractive lens exchange. Dr. Woon also provides neuro-ophthalmology services, medical retina treatment, and a wide array of medical cosmetic treatments. In addition, therapeutic optometrists Dr. David Fu and Dr. Keith Bravenec provide post-operative care of surgery patients as well as routine and medical eye care.

The Katy facility is also the site of our laser surgery center, where vision-correcting procedures such as LASIK and ASA take place.