What is Coolsculpting?

Unlike diet or exercise, Coolsculpting actually destroys fat cells! This makes it ideal for shaping many areas on the body, including areas that don’t respond quickly to diet and exercise alone. Coolsculpting is safe, noninvasive, and effective. Please take a moment to learn more about this innovative technology and contact Dr. Woon for your free, personalized consult.

Dr. Woon is proud to offer DualSculpting – she has two machines which allows the ability to cut your treatment time in half! After having CoolSculpting done on herself, she realized having a second machine was essential because everyone is too busy to sit through 8 cycles one at a time! A “cycle” refers to a single area treated, for example one arm. A “session” means how many times you treat that same area.

Understanding the procedure

Dr Woon will mark the areas to be treated. Your skin will be cleaned and a gel pad placed on the treated area. The applicator applies a gentle vacuum to draw up the skin and fat. For the first 5 minutes you feel a slight achiness in the area just like if you place your fingers in ice for a while. The area will go numb and you will feel nothing! You may read, watch TV, or sleep! Most areas take 35 minutes. Some areas, like the outer thigh and chin, may take longer.

Before and After Coolsculpting photos

Dr. Woon’s Actual Patients


“I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Woon.  She is not only a fantastic ophthalmologist, but also does non-invasive treatments like Cool Sculpting.  After handling our Station Manager’s cataract surgery, she did Cool Sculpting for me.  She explained everything thoroughly and put me fully at ease, before the treatment.  She was there to answer any questions I had, and made the entire procedure comfortable and painless.  I felt much better knowing that a doctor with her expertise was there throughout the entire process.  Dr. Woon couldn’t be more friendly and down to earth, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.  If you’re considering Cool Sculpting, Dr. Woon is hands down the best!”

Trusculpt ID

“After using the Coolsculpting successfully for two years, I discovered Trusculpt ID. I recognized that there were some patients that could use something else besides Coolsculpting because perhaps their BMI was too high or they had more skin laxity. Trusculpt ID allows me to offer fat reduction to a wider variety of patients. The radiofrequency induces apoptosis or fat cell death just like Coolsculpting but the applicators allow more flexible placement options and can induce a little more collagen formation and skin tightening. A combination procedure is sometimes indicated, following a Coolsculpting session with Trusculpt ID.” Dr Woon

How does TruSculpt ID® work?

Trusculpt ID, by Cutera, uses radio frequency to gently heat the fat for the proper amount of time to cause apoptosis or cell death. (This is exactly what CoolSculpting does by freezing the cells). Heating the dermis also stimulates collagen formation so you allow more skin tightening with this procedure than you do with CoolSculpting. Because the applicators are small squares that simply come into contact with the skin rather than hold the skin in a vacuum, we are able to treat many different areas and shapes and over surgical scars. On average, studies show and average of 24% fat reduction, just like Coolsculpting. Fat loss is permanent – the cells that are eliminated do not return, although you can still fill the remaining fat cells up!

Understanding the Procedure

Dr Woon will mark the areas to be treated as well as cover the areas with Tegaderm to protect the skin. The applicator sticks to the Tegaderm and you will have anywhere from 1 to 6 applicators applied to an area at a time. The Trusculpt ID then alternately activates 2 applicators at a time and cycles through at an increasingly faster rate as it slowly increases the temperature to achieve the desired temperature in the fat. The machine is constantly monitoring the skin temperature as well and Dr. Woon and her team are in the room with you the entire time. Each area of treatment only takes 15 minutes and you can have several areas treated in one day! The treatment feels like a hot stone treatment and just when you think it might be getting a little too hot the treatment is over.

Gradually increasing heat of applicators while computer is monitoring temperature of skin at all times.

Your skin will remain red for about 20-30 minutes after the treatment. Most people have no discomfort at all but you can have some superficial soreness. You can work out and do all normal activities immediately. You might begin to see results in 6 weeks but the majority of the fat loss occurs within 90 days, and studies show that half of the total fat loss occurs in the last month! We always bring you in for post treatment photos to decide if we have achieved our desired goal and whether more treatment would be recommended.

Before and After Trusculpt photos 

Dr. Woon’s Actual Patients