ICL: Another Route To Great Vision


Since being introduced in the mid-1990s, laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK have helped over 20 million people across the world achieve great vision and reduce or eliminate their need for corrective lenses. As laser technology has advanced over the last two decades, these surgeries have become increasingly popular and accessible, to the point [...]

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Newer High-Tech Lens Implant Options For Cataract Patients


One of the most important developments in the history of cataract surgery, as well as one of the most significant for patients, was the introduction of the intraocular lens implant, or IOL. First invented in the 1940s, but gaining widespread acceptance only since the late 1970s, an IOL is an artificial lens placed into the [...]

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Summer Is Here!


Well, it isn't technically summer until next week, but here in Houston we all know that's pretty much a formality, don't we? With that in mind, here are a couple of helpful tips to keep your eyes happy this summer!

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Enjoying Life During Allergy Season


Spring is in the air. But along with the beauty of the blooming flowers and budding trees, comes allergy season. The high pollen count and allergens floating in the fresh spring air can certainly wreak havoc on the comfort level of those suffering from allergies, causing an otherwise nature-loving individual to seek respite indoors. Your [...]

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What Women Need to Know About Eye Health


According to Women’, ⅔ of blindness and visual impairment occurs in women. Additionally, an estimated 75% of visual impairment is preventable or correctable with proper education and care. With the increased risks for women it’s critical for women to know about the risks and prevention to effectively protect their eyes and vision. There are a [...]

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How Often Should I Have an Eye Exam?


Having routine eye exams are essential for eye health. There are many conditions that have no signs or symptoms and many people are totally unaware they even have the condition. When a diagnosis is made early, treatment has a higher chance of being effective. Not only can routine eye exams help diagnose eye and vision [...]

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What to Do When Something Gets in Your Eye


Have you ever felt something in your eye and instinctively reached up to rub it? Rubbing your eye when something is in it can scratch the cornea. It’s important to know how to safely remove foreign objects from the eye without causing further damage. Should I try to remove it? If something gets stuck in [...]

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What to Do When There is a Sports-Related Eye Injury


Every 13 minutes, an emergency room treats a sports eye injury, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. In honor of National Sports Eye Safety Month, we wanted to share a few tips on what to do when an eye injury occurs during your sport of choice. The highest risk sports for eye injuries are [...]

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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Protect Your Vision at Work


The American Optometric Association reports that over half of office workers who regularly use computers suffer from eye strain. If much of your workday is spent using a computer, you cannot afford to ignore the risks it poses to your eyes. Follow these four tips to help protect your precious eyesight. #1: Adjust Your Workspace [...]

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Your Family History Helps Us Protect Your Eyes


You may have inherited a knack for cooking from your parents, but it’s also possible you inherited certain eye disease risks. Many Eye Conditions Have Genetic Links Does someone in your family— a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt—have AMD (Age-related macular degeneration)? If so, your risk of developing AMD goes up significantly! Has someone in [...]

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