The decision to have LASIK is no small one, and should be made like any other healthcare decision. At Whitsett Vision Group, we keep our patients informed. Even before you schedule an appointment, here are some basic questions to consider:

“Am I a LASIK candidate?” A thorough examination will be necessary to make sure LASIK is the answer. Your specific vision defect and, in some cases, your overall health might require another type of treatment. If you’re not a candidate, there are many alternative treatments that are also very effective.

“What are the risks?” Even the simplest medical procedures come with risks. Advancements such as iLASIK are further minimizing risk. In fact, we perform the iLASIK procedure because it’s the product of years of advanced technology designed to improve safety, comfort and overall results. You owe it to yourself to know the facts. No matter who is doing the procedure, you should be made aware of everything up front.

“What can I expect?” You deserve to know what will happen before, during, and after your surgery. This should be explained to you in detail, allowing for any questions you may have. We make the extra effort to do just that.

LASIK involves a doctor-patient relationship – a relationship that starts with the doctor earning and keeping each patient’s trust. The first decision is to schedule an evaluation. Call our office at 713-365-9099 and we’ll make it easy.