Wavefront LASIK – Houston & Katy

original_inline_wavefrontIf dependence on glasses or contacts is inhibiting your ability to live your life to the fullest, exploring the benefits of Wavefront LASIK surgery could be incredibly beneficial. For Houston and Katy residents seeking a permanent solution to poor vision, the Whitsett Vision Group can help. Using the wavefront-guided LASIK technique, we can minimize risks and optimize your overall results.

If you wish to be freed from the many constraints that glasses and contacts present, contact the LASIK specialists at the Whitsett Vision Group in Houston and Katy to schedule a free consultation. Take the first step toward drastically improving your vision.

Understanding the Technology

CustomVue® LASIK makes use of wavefront technology to achieve superior results that go unmatched by traditional laser eye surgery. Wavefront is an advanced technique – the principles behind it were originally developed to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space through high-powered telescopes. It didn’t take long for researchers to realize the value this technology had for laser eye surgery; clinical trials were successful and wavefront gained FDA approval in 2005.

The Whitsett Vision Group has a sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment called the WaveScan WaveFront® which utilizes wavefront technology to identify and measure imperfections in an individual’s eye. This diagnostic technology allows for 3D mapping that is up to 25 times more precise than conventional LASIK. This data allows Dr. Jeffrey Whitsett to reshape the cornea properly for superior results. This technique is incredibly accurate and helps to treat cases in which glasses, contacts, and even standard LASIK procedures are unable to deliver acceptable vision correction. Besides just achieving 20/20 vision, wavefront LASIK gives you the chance to appreciate the contrast and fine details in the world around you. The goal is that you will have fewer side effects and decreased difficulty with nighttime vision.

The Procedure

Many people avoid LASIK surgery due to fear. Despite the fact that the laser removes tissue from the cornea, it only comes in contact with the eye for ten to fifteen seconds, and besides a feeling of slight pressure on the eye, the process is virtually pain-free. Anesthetic drops are used to numb the eyes and provide assurance that you will not be uncomfortable during the procedure.

Before the surgical procedure can be completed, we must first diagnose and evaluate your vision impairment. The wavefront-guided technology, which is made up of many microsensors and a laser, allows us to do this with unparalleled precision. A wave of light from the laser is directed through the eye to the retina. This light reflects out of the eye, and the sensor measures the abnormalities at the front of the wave of light as it emerges from the eye. This produces a precise 3D map of your eye, including the imperfections, or aberrations of your cornea. Using traditional technology, your prescription may be the same as thousands of other patients, but because this map is so detailed, no two people have the same wavefront measurements. You can be certain that in the hands of the Whitsett Vision Group’s doctors, you will be treated with the utmost care and concern. With the help of wavefront technology, we can provide you with excellent care and results.

Learn More about Wavefront-guided LASIK Surgery

Wavefront-guided LASIK surgery provides all the benefits of traditional LASIK and more, with fewer risks. Wavefront LASIK treats in hundreds of units, whereas glasses and contact lenses treat in quarters of units. With wavefront technology you can experience:

  • Corrected nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism
  • Potential for better than 20/20 vision

We believe every patient who would benefit from custom technology should receive it. Other practices charge an additional fee of $500/eye for Custom treatment. However, we include it in our Global Fees at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

To learn more about wavefront technology or the LASIK procedure, we invite you to contact our Houston or Katy office to schedule your first, complimentary consultation and begin your journey toward incredible vision.