Vision & Learning Go Hand In Hand

August is National Children’s Vision & Learning Month, which is a great opportunity to address the link between vision and learning for children.

  • 1 in 4 children have undiagnosed vision problems
  • Your child may not notice they have vision problems, or changes in their vision
  • Undiagnosed vision issues lead to difficulty at school and in sports, and cause confidence issues

Vision problems are the 4th most common disability in the United States, and one of the most common causes of childhood learning issues. Roughly 80 percent of what children learn in school is visual, so healthy vision is incredibly important to the learning process. Vision problems can have a profound implications on a child’s ability to learn the information they are presented in school. Not all vision problems are detected in a school vision screening, which means it is critical that school-aged children have a yearly eye examination to detect vision

Common signs that a child may be struggling with their vision are headaches, eye strain, holding books or papers close to the face, inattentiveness, difficulty with reading retention, excessive blinking, and rubbing their eyes.

Scheduling An Eye Exam

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