IntraLase® – Houston & Katy

In traditional LASIK surgery, a blade is used to create a flap in the upper layer of corneal tissue. Though effective, the use of the blade can pose unique risks. With IntraLase® technology, our Houston and Katy offices can provide a less-invasive, blade-free, computer-controlled approach to this first step of laser vision correction – IntraLASIK.
By harnessing the power of the laser’s infrared light, IntraLASIK with the IntraLase® laser can pass through the outer layer of the cornea, only being absorbed at its point of focus. The major advantage to this is the reduction of the risk of collateral tissue damage and post-operative dry eye. If you are interested in achieving the amazing results of LASIK without the deterring side effects, please contact our laser eye surgery center for more information or to schedule your first, complimentary consultation.

Understanding the Technology

IntraLASIK with IntraLase®, offered at our Houston and Katy offices, is a 100 percent blade-free technique. The laser is utilized not only to modify the shape of the cornea, but to create the corneal flap which prepares the eye for the rest of the procedure. This method uses tiny, rapid pulses of laser light to form microscopic bubbles under the surface of the cornea. These bubbles act as agents of separation that allow the corneal flap to be lifted.

The choice of IntraLase® over a microkeratome is advantageous in virtually every patient’s case. The microkeratome is a hand-held instrument which contains a steel blade that moves back and forth, creating a cut as it travels across the cornea. A microkeratome is only capable of making a single, one-dimensional cut across the cornea. As it cuts, the blade’s back-and-forth oscillation can leave an irregular surface after the flap is lifted. This can affect the quality of your post-operative vision.

Because of the unique way in which the IntraLase® creates a precisely positioned layer of bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye, it creates a smooth, even surface after your flap is lifted. With Intralase®, a blade never touches your eye.

The Benefits

Both Epi-LASIK and PRK procedures can be painful and may require more post-operative medication. These techniques may cause corneal scarring and the eye may take longer to heal than in procedures performed with IntraLase®. The IntraLase® technology can provide better outcomes, faster recovery, fewer complications, and reduced visual disturbances such as halos or glare. Additionally, IntraLase® gives Dr. Jeffrey Whitsett the ability to tailor the LASIK procedure specifically to your eye by enhancing the precision with which the laser separates the corneal flap.

If you are interested in a completely blade-free LASIK treatment that has the power to eliminate sight-threatening complications, IntraLASIK with IntraLase® is an excellent option. During your exam with Dr. Whitsett, we encourage you to ask questions and voice concerns about the treatment; we want to ensure that you’re informed about, and prepared for, the procedure.

Learn More about IntraLase®

IntraLase® has improved the safety standards and the results of LASIK surgery. For patients seeking vision correction, IntraLASIK can be the all-inclusive solution to your vision needs. If you are in the Houston or Katy area and are interested in drastically enhancing your vision with IntraLase® technology, please contact the Whitsett Vision Group at your earliest convenience so that we can schedule your first, complimentary consultation.