“Ultherapy is a very effective skin tightening procedure that can give you a natural lift to brows, face, chin, neck, and is the only procedure approved for the décolletage.

I had Ultherapy myself and was amazed at my results. After 3-6 months, I no longer found myself pulling my skin back in the mirror to look younger. (You know what I’m talking about…) I didn’t even KNOW I had “pre-jowls” until they went away! If you want a natural looking lift, this is it!”

One of the most exciting and promising recent developments in medical aesthetics is Ultherapy®, a procedure in which an ultrasound device is used on the surface of the skin, releasing energy to a precisely calculated depth beneath the surface. This energy causes some of the underlying collagen to break down and be rebuilt, achieving many of the benefits of a surgical facelift in a comfortable, nonsurgical treatment with no down time. The effects of this treatment are notably long lasting, peaking in months and lasting up to several years.

Real patients, real outcomes: these are unretouched before and after photos of Whitsett Vision Group cosmetic patients. (Click to enlarge.)