ORA, Optiwave® Refractive Analysis, is a revolutionary diagnostic device with Optiwave technology that is designed to take intraoperative wavefront aberrometry to a higher level of performance. ORA System’s improvements are a result of nearly 20,000 cataract procedures performed using WaveTec technology. ORA System’s technology ensures that physicians can provide every cataract patient with optimized outcomes through all new hardware and software that allows for unprecedented precision across all cataract procedures and maximized performance that ensures the delivery of premium outcomes. The Optiwave technology has a precise light source and optics, the assurance of a live display of the eye, a convenient system-aligned, on-demand reticle and optimized algorithms to guide physicians in providing patients with the utmost care.

The cataract surgery team at Whitsett Vision Group is committed to embracing the most advanced technologies to enhance your vision to provide optimal results after your procedure. With the ORA System, your vision can be customized to an even greater degree during cataract surgery. ORA is a revolutionary new option that allows our doctors to obtain a more accurate assessment of the power of your intraocular lens (IOL) during your procedure.

Prior to the creation of ORA, other measurements were performed and evaluated before your cataract procedure to make sure your IOL is properly correcting your vision to provide the best possible outcome after cataract removal. However, there was always a margin of error and surgeons would need to wait a period of weeks to verify that the best possible IOL was selected. With the ORA intraoperative aberrometer, this verification can now take place during your surgery, allowing your physician to evaluate the quality of your vision during your cataract procedure, reducing the possibility that adjustments will need to be made later.

ORA is used with all of our premium lens procedures to help make sure your IOL offers you the best vision improvement as quickly as possible. ORA, customizes and optimizes your procedure using state of the art technology to provide information designed to immediately confirm the proper correction. For those patients with astigmatism or who previously have had LASIK, or PRK surgery, or even those who choose a multifocal lens implant, ORA optimizes your results by allowing your doctor to further improve accuracy and help to reduce the need for eyeglasses after your procedure.