Placeholder text for Dr. Woon talking about Cutera’s innovative cosmetic procedures. Placeholder text for Dr. Woon talking about Cutera’s innovative cosmetic procedures. Placeholder text for Dr. Woon talking about Cutera’s innovative cosmetic procedures.

truSculpt iD

TruSculpt uses radio frequency to gently heat subcutaneous fat for the proper amount of time to cause apoptosis or cell death. This is exactly what CoolSculpting does by freezing the cells. TruSculpt does not burn the cells or cause necrosis so you do not get scarring from this process. Heating the dermis also stimulates collagen formation so you can get more skin tightening with this procedure than you do with CoolSculpting.

The applicators are small squares that only need to come in contact with the skin rather than hold the skin in a vacuum, so you can apply them anywhere on the body and treat some areas that you cannot treat with the CoolSculpting applicators.

When you arrive for your consultation, we will take photos first because you can never truly appreciate the change in your physique until you see photos before and after.

The truSculpt iD Procedure

Before you have the procedure you will have to remove all jewelry. You also cannot have any internal electronic implants as the radio frequency can disrupt the signal from these implants.

Dr Woon will mark the areas to be treated. Those areas will be covered with Tegaderm to protect the skin. The applicator sticks to the Tegaderm and you will have anywhere from one to six applicators applied to an area at a time. The Trusculpt ID then alternately activates two applicators at a time and cycles through at a faster and faster rate as it slowly increases the temperature to achieve the desired temperature in the fat. The machine is constantly monitoring the skin temperature as well and we are in the room with you the entire time. Each treatment only takes 15 minutes! The treatment feels like a hot stone treatment and just when you think it might be getting a little too hot the treatment is over.

Your skin will remain red for about 20-30 minutes after the treatment. Most people have no discomfort at all but you can have some superficial soreness. You can work out and do all normal activities immediately.


The Cutera Xeo is a multi-purpose laser that has several different handpieces. All of these procedures can be performed with no down time!

Here are the services we can now offer:

Laser hair removal: We have the ProWave attachment which allows us to cover more area much more quickly. This attachment is limited to fair to medium skin tones.

However, there is also a Neodymium YAG laser that allows us to do laser hair removal on all skin types, even very darkly pigmented skin, without risk of hyperpigmentation, which is very exciting. Hair must be brown or black to be treatable, however.

LimeLight photofacial: This is an IPL (intense-pulsed light) treatment that can reduce pigmented spots from sun damage as well as reduce redness from rosacea. If you are very darkly pigmented you are not a candidate for this procedure. Patients have to avoid tanning for two weeks before and after the procedure. I recommend between two and four treatments at four-week intervals. Maintenance will most likely be needed once a year.

Laser Genesis: This procedure utilizes the YAG laser so it can be performed on all skin types and evenly recently tanned skin! It is a facial that reduces pores, redness, and fine lines by stimulating collagen formation. The treatment takes about 30-40 minutes and you leave with warmed, slightly reddened skin which clears within a few hours, and no post-procedure restrictions. I recommend a package of four to six treatments spaced two to four weeks apart for the initial treatment, then maintenance once or twice per year depending on the individual.

Titan: This handpiece is the real reason I purchased the Xeo. I needed something to treat the patients that fell between needing Ultherapy, which treats the deeper dermis, and SkinPen, which treats the superficial skin layers. Titan works fabulously on loose skin by heating the dermis with infrared light. The loose skin on necks, jowls, and abdomen, for example, are perfect targets for this noninvasive treatment. I recommend at least two treatments spaced four weeks apart initially. Results will be seen in 60-90 days after which maintenance therapy can be customized for each patient.